Ceramic Robin Christmas Decoration

Hello folks, I’m working on getting us up to scratch with Social Media and thought I’d try my hand at Pinterest.

We’ve got some of the usual subjects… Facebook and Instagram spring to mind. Pinterest however, has been something that I use personally, but never really thought about it as a way to reach a wider audience for my business!

Since doing a bit of research I’ve found that it is linked with Etsy, but a bit more research and a few spare hours is needed before I’ll be able work that one out 🙂

So, buoyed with enthusiasm to get more imagery of our Harris Tweed Gifts on the internet I’ve set to with Pinterest. My first one is a seasonally themed board – “Harris Tweed Christmas Gift Ideas”.

Most of the images have been taken from my Harris Tweed Christmas Collection page, although on the Pinterest board I’ve focused on showcasing lifestyle shots rather than straightforward product shots.

Over the next few days I hope to add some more photos to the board, but do get in touch if you have any suggestions, advice or would like to add your images too. You can find the Pinterest board, by clicking here.