Harris Tweed® Gifts for Men

We make beautiful Scottish gifts for men, something to be treasured that will last for years. Traditional checks or bright coloured tweeds to catch your eye, our range of Harris tweed products, handmade in Scotland make the perfect gift for dads, husbands, partners, brothers, uncles and sons.


Our best-selling notebooks are a fantastic gift for men who like to write, draw, paint and doodle. We’ve sourced quality casebound, 140gsm, sized, UK made notebooks and covered them in the finest Harris tweed. A5 is the most recognisable shape, but we also have a chunkier square size with unique UK handmade buttons for nature lovers, gardeners or bird lovers.

Doggy Poo Bag Dispensers

If you are out and about, you need a stylish receptacle for your dog poop bags. Our fabulous doggy poo bag dispensers are wildly popular with our customers. Perfect fun tweed gift for men.

Glasses Cases

Long sighted or short sighted, our fantastic glasses cases protect your specs from damage. Perfect if you are out on the lawn mower or in the shed. Even covered in muck and stoor, Harris tweed still looks brand new!

Handy Wee Thingy

Sometimes you just need a handy wee thingy, to put things like golf tees, guitar pics, or small tools in. Our tweed pouches are just the job.

Phone Sporran

Every man needs a sporran. If you are not wearing a kilt, a Harris tweed phone sporran is perfect to protect your phone from scratches and spilt beer.